Give Where You Live Campaign

100+ Women of Southwest Florida present our Board President and Administrator with a check in support of Collier Harvest

Way To Go, Citizens of Collier County!

Collier Harvest Foundation would like to thank all who participated in the National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive on Saturday in Collier County!

Our postal workers did a fantastic job rounding up the food donated by mailboxes on Saturday and in the post offices in the two weeks prior to the Drive!  They expend a huge amount of extra energy delivering your mail AND picking up donations at the same time, all while dropping off donations intermittently throughout the day!

To every person who donated food, you are awesome!  What a beautiful way to take care of your neighbors in need!

Collier Harvest has a fantastic group of volunteers that show up every year to help sort and box all the incoming food!  This year, the spirit amongst the sorters, new and old, seemed greater than ever!  Thanks for the enthusiasm and the sweat – it was HOT!A few standouts this year:

As usual, Publix contributed in a big way to the community by providing the plastic bags the postal workers delivered to mailboxes to hold the donations!

Again, Gargiulo provided our sturdy packing boxes to store the donated food through the summer months for distribution!

Thanks, as always, to Taylor Rental of Naples for donating the tents to keep our efforts cool!  

We would like to thank the Pelican Bay Rotary Club for their ongoing support of the Food Drive!  Donations of tents and manpower are greatly appreciated!

Also, we would like to show our appreciation of Minuteman Press who handled our printing needs for the drive, as well as all year long!

Long-time supporters of the Food Drive, Captain Joe & and Bottom Feeders played an amazing mix of music for us to keep our spirits up for hours during the sorting!

Thanks Fresh Point Produce for their donation of watermelons and to Trader Joe’s for their donation of water to keep us going!

And a HUGE thank you to the GREAT DOCK CANOE RACES for making Collier Harvest Foundation the beneficiary of the races this year!  We received $5000 to feed the hungry in Collier County on Saturday during the fun community-building races!!  These funds will go directly toward keeping our residents from starving during the lean summer and fall months!

Early predictions show we harvested over 250,000 pounds of food to distribute to our hungry neighbors!  Again, way to come together as a community, Collier County!

Give Where You Live 30

A HUGE thank you to all the donors who participated in the Give Where You Live 30 Campaign sponsored by the Community Foundation of Collier County and the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation! We will have the opportunity to learn who donated and how much we will receive from the fantastic event on April 21st! Stay tuned, friends!!

The Colony Project

Another huge thank you to Jill Kushner and the The Colony Project! Members at The Colony Golf and Bay Club came together for a second year to raise $34,500 for Collier Harvest under the guidance of Jill Kushner! These donations will go directly toward helping feed the hungry in Bonita Springs! Some of the students in the AVID Program at Bonita Springs Middle School under the guidance of teacher Christie Richardson, presented their experiences when they delivered non-perishable food provided by Collier Harvest to their hungry neighbors. The students' stories were heart-breaking and inspirational! Thanks to Jill Kushner and the Colony Project for the very generous donations! We can do amazing things together!

100 Plus Women Who Care of Southwest Florida

Collier Harvest is so grateful to have been chosen by 100 Plus Women Who Care of Southwest Florida ( as their first beneficiary of 2015! The mission of 100 Plus Women is to have a significant impact on their local community by raising funds in an efficient, stress-free manner with no overhead, and no administrative costs. And did they ever! We have received a grand total of $25,800 including the generous matching of the Richard M Schulze Family Foundation. 100+ thanks to all of you!

Great Dock Canoe Races

On May 9th, Collier Harvest will be the charity of choice at the Great Dock Canoe Races!!!! This is a wonderful opportunity for us. Not only will $5,000 be donated to us, but our mission will be spread during the races, and our logo will be on all their shirts and posters as well as their website. What a great opportunity for us to reach out to our community and create more awareness of the need here!

We would like to thank our donors for their generous contributions this year to Collier Harvest. Our donors include:

Andrew S. Aileen Foundation $25,000
Arthrex $10,000
Fine Mark Bank $5,000
The Colony Project $34,500
100+ Women Who Care of Southwest FL $25,800
The Great Dock Canoe Races

Their contributions are allowing us to meet the specialized needs of our agencies and develop new programs to help our community even further. Collier Harvest is very blessed. Our ability to help more people continues to grow. None of this could happen without our volunteers. Collier Harvest Foundation is built on YOU!

Our Mission

Our Mission at Collier Harvest Foundation is simple.  We are dedicated to providing healthy and nutritious food to our hungry neighbors across Collier County.  We have committed to being a reliable and trustworthy source of food provisions for over 40 partner agencies supporting thousands of families in our community.

Some History

Since our inception in 1992 Collier Harvest has delivered millions of pounds of food to over 60 local social service agencies that serve the needy citizens of Collier County, Florida. By recovering this unused food and using it to feed the needy, our volunteers have enabled local charities to substantially expand their services by enabling them to allocate a larger portion of their budgets to non-food services.

In addition to food donations, Collier Harvest now accepts monetary donations. Although we keep our administrative costs low and our volunteers use their own personal vehicles and fuel to deliver the donated food, we still require some monetary support to fulfill our mission. Please contact us if you are interesting in making a donation.

Please come join us in our ongoing effort to wipe out hunger in our community. It only takes an hour or two of your time per week, and the rewards are immeasurable.

Weight Log

Our volunteers use this sheet to keep track of their deliveries, including the weight of goods delivered.



Our semi-annual newsletter keeps memebers and non-members aware of our efforts to feed the hungry in Collier County and Southwest Florida.



Our volunteers use our calendar to keep track of pickup and drop off schedules in addition to organization events.