The May food drive is fun!

NALC Food Drive

Our Mission

Our Mission at Collier Harvest Foundation is simple.  We are dedicated to providing healthy and nutritious food to our hungry neighbors across Collier County.  We have committed to being a reliable and trustworthy source of food provisions for over 40 partner agencies supporting thousands of families in our community.

For the holidays, be a part of the solution to stamp out hunger in our community.  Pair with Collier Harvest in a Canned Food Drive in your community or organization.  Collier Harvest will help you by bringing and monitoring the receptacles, then delivering your donations to our partner agencies.

Collier Harvest has started a new outreach program called “Collect a Food a Month”.  Our first participants, Osceola Elementary School’s entire fourth grade is collecting a specific food for a specific agency all month.  We are teaching the students about making a difference and about what makes a nutritious meal.  We go into their classrooms with representatives from the agency the students have just helped and talk to them about how their contributions are making a difference.  We are working on getting other elementary classes to participate in “Collect A Food Month” throughout Collier County.

Collier Harvest has donated $1000 for Thanksgiving turkeys to the Guadalupe Center in Immokalee!


A huge THANK YOU to all who came out to help with the food drive!  We had an absolutely amazing group of volunteers who worked tirelessly with bright smiles on their faces until we ran out of boxes to hold all the food! Learn more about Collier Harvest and who we are helping and how we do it.

Because of the amazing help and support for the food drive, we hope to help nourish Collier County and southern Lee County's hungry population throughout the upcoming months!

Please keep in mind that the need is never-ending!  We continue to need your support through donations and helping hands throughout the rest of the year!

Again, a gigantic thank you to those of you who shared your hands and hearts to feed the hungry with Collier Harvest!!  Blessings!

Some History

Since our inception in 1992 Collier Harvest has delivered millions of pounds of food to over 60 local social service agencies that serve the needy citizens of Collier County, Florida. By recovering this unused food and using it to feed the needy, our volunteers have enabled local charities to substantially expand their services by enabling them to allocate a larger portion of their budgets to non-food services.

In addition to food donations, Collier Harvest now accepts monetary donations. Although we keep our administrative costs low and our volunteers use their own personal vehicles and fuel to deliver the donated food, we still require some monetary support to fulfill our mission. Please contact us if you are interesting in making a donation.

Please come join us in our ongoing effort to wipe out hunger in our community. It only takes an hour or two of your time per week, and the rewards are immeasurable.

Weight Log

Our volunteers use this sheet to keep track of their deliveries, including the weight of goods delivered.



Our semi-annual newsletter keeps memebers and non-members aware of our efforts to feed the hungry in Collier County and Southwest Florida.



Our volunteers use our calendar to keep track of pickup and drop off schedules in addition to organization events.